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Detailed Inspection Reports

Your home inspector will prepare an easy-to-understand but detailed report outlining the condition of your home and recommendations for repairs and maintenance. Several photos will be included to help illustrate some of the issues the inspector uncovered. Within 24 hours—often much quicker—your report will be emailed to you. To help you prioritize your repairs, all components are rated as follows:

  • Satisfactory:  Indicates component is functionally consistent with its original purpose but may show signs of normal wear and tear and deterioration.

  • Marginal:  Indicates the component will probably require repair or replacement anytime within five years.

  • Poor:  Indicates the component will need repair or replacement now or in the very near future.

  • Safety Hazard:  Denotes a condition that is unsafe and in need of prompt attention.

Your report follows the Standards of Practice set forth by the American Society of Home Inspectors.  You may view these standards at  A sample report is available upon request.

Dream House Inspections LLC
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