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Lead Testing

Licensed Lead Risk Assessor

Dream House Inspections now offers lead testing! Lead-based paint is a hazard known to exist in most homes built before 1978. While anyone can get lead poisoning, children under the age of six and pregnant women are most susceptible to the health risks from lead-based paint. Lead exposure to young children can lead to permanent physical and mental disabilities.  Women who are pregnant and exposed to lead hazards can pass on that lead to an unborn child. Unfortunately, many people wait until they or their child get a blood test result with dangerous lead levels before taking action. By then, it can be too late to prevent serious health issues. A licensed Lead Risk Assessor can help you identify lead hazards in your home so you can take preventative measures.

In some cases, having your home assessed for lead hazards may be required. Cleveland City Council recently passed a law requiring all rental properties built prior to 1978 to be certified as lead-safe by a licensed Lead Risk Assessor. The law is expected to take effect in March 2021 with all homes to be certified by March 2023.

Listen to learn more about Cleveland’s lead-safe rental law and how landlords can prepare:

Lead Safe Rental Law Cleveland, OH5 Easy Things with Chris Ebbeson
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Dream House Inspections offers the following types of lead assessments:

Lead Risk Assessments:  This is a great tool for determining the location of lead hazards in your home and finding out how to address them. It involves a visual examination of your home for anything that could cause lead-based paint exposure to a young child, such as deteriorated paint, and friction and impact surfaces that could turn paint to harmful dust. Samples of dust from the home’s surfaces and soil from the exterior are then collected and sent to a lab for analysis. Once the lab results are in, you’ll be given a report outlining locations of lead hazards and options to address them.

Clearance Examinations:  This is used to determine if the work you’ve done to control or eliminate the lead hazards has been effective. It is recommended as a follow up to a Lead Risk Assessment and it’s often required if a government agency has ordered you to make the home lead safe. This is also what the new Cleveland lead-safe rental law will require for certification. It’s important to note that, if the Clearance Examination fails--either visible dust and paint chips are present, or the lab detects lead above EPA guidelines in the dust samples--it has to be retaken.

Reevaluations:  Most homeowners will address lead-based paint hazards with “Interim Controls”, or temporary measures, because it is far less costly than “Abatement”. Since Interim Controls do not eliminate the lead, ongoing maintenance is necessary to prevent lead hazards from recurring. A Reevaluation should be conducted every two years to make sure the home is still lead-safe. Like the Clearance Examination, this may be required as part of a lead-hazard control order. It will also be required under Cleveland’s new law.


If you’re not sure what type of assessment you need, or you have any questions about dealing with lead-based paint, give us a call and we can discuss your options!

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